Timeline exploration for a multicollection




  • Sylvain Gaudan
  • Mohamed Hamou
  • Matthieu Barbet
  • Sébastien Bousquet




We want to explore different collections simultaneously and provide a coherence within the time span exploration.


In ARLAS WUI - if one collection, display distribution as usual : normalize of y on height with y axis on the left - if two collections, display distributions as lines only. Normalize of y1 on height with y1 axis on the left and normalize of y2 on height with y2 axis on the right - if more that two collections, display distributions as lines only. Every distribution is normalized on the height - one color per collection, an interactive legend is displayed

In ARLAS Builder - provide a list of available collections with a checkbox to indicate whether he wants to see or not the collection in the timeline. Disabled by default. - for now, we decide to print line only in a multi collection timeline because having one style per collection seems a bit heavy for now in the builder. - for now, we decide to use the default timestamp path for the collection but in the long run, we could consider to use another timestamp path in the builder - we display the values at a given bucket in the tooltip - this is applied on the global and detailed timeline


  • add a new small complexity in the builder for the timeline configuration
  • if there is more than two collections, the y axis will disappear: a hover on the bucket with the mouse is required for displaying the absolute values
  • evolutions along the distributions are well aligned and correlations are highlighted