ARLAS Exploration - Introduction

The full documentation of the ARLAS Exploration Solution built by the Gisaïa Team.

How does it work ?

As mentioned in the What is it for ? and the Quick Start sections, ARLAS Exploration is a solution that offers a modern and fluid Web application for exploring your spatial-temporal BigData, named ARLAS-wui.

  1. ARLAS-wui is composed of a set of highly interactive & reusable analytic components : MapCompoent, HistogramComponent, ...
    • The components are developped in ARLAS-web-components project.
    • Each component is fed with data thanks to a contributor that uses the ARLAS-server API client. The contributors are developped in ARLAS-web-contributors project.
    • A contributor also listens to the filters applied on the component and passes them to the other contributors. These collaborative contibutions are assured by ARLAS-web-core
    • ARLAS-wui-toolkit is the library that allows to parse the declared components(Ref 3.) and maps them to their corresponding contributors. Check this section out to get more details about ARLAS-wui-toolkit.
  2. The search and analytics capabilities of ARLAS-wui are assured by ARLAS-server, a stateless and lightweight server offering REST services for data analytics and OGC services for a high interoperability

  3. Declaring components to be viewed in ARLAS-wui is possible thanks to ARLAS-wui-builder

    • ARLAS-wui-builder generates a config object containing all the declared components and their corresponding contributors
    • ARLAS-wui-toolkit parses the config object and creates the views according to its content.
  4. The generated config object is persisted thanks to ARLAS-persistence. It's a stateless and lightweight server that stores the config object in your file system, a filestore or a database.

Go further with ARLAS-wui-toolkit

Check How to build yours section to know more about ARLAS-wui-toolkit


Check out this tutorial of how to use ARLAS-wui-builder

ARLAS Exploration relies on

  • elasticsearch for its search and aggregation engine