ARLAS-wui security

This page describes how to configure ARLAS-wui in order to add an access control to the application.


Arlas-wui is compliant with an identity service provider (like which respects an OAuth 2.0 PKCE : RFC 7636: Proof Key for Code Exchange protocol.

To configure the application you need to set some parameters in the settings.yaml file.

Below is an example of a working configuration with an Auth0 service. The configuration must be adapted according to the identity service provider.

Auhtentication property Definition Working value
authentication.use_authent Defines whether to be authenticated to Identity true
authentication.force_connect When authentication is enabled, this option forces to be connected to Identity Provider at application bootstrap true
authentication.use_discovery Defines whether we use Identity Provider document discovery service true
authentication.scope The requested scopes openid profile
authentication.require_https Defines whether https is required true
authentication.response_type Response type values code token id_token
authentication.silent_refresh_timeout Timeout for silent refresh 10000
authentication.timeout_factor Defines when the token_timeout event should be raised. If you set this to the default value 0.75, the event is triggered after 75% of the token's life time. 0.75
authentication.session_checks_enabled If true, the app will try to check whether the user is still logged in on a regular basis as described false
authentication.clear_hash_after_login Defines whether to clear the hash fragment in url after logging in true
authentication.disable_at_hash_check This property has been introduced to disable at_hash checks and is indented for Identity Provider that does not deliver an at_hash EVEN THOUGH its recommended by the OIDC specs. false
authentication.show_debug_information Defines whether to display debug log in browser console false Defines the kind of storage : localstorage or sessionstorage sessionstorage
authentication.issuer The issuer's uri CHANGE_ME
authentication.client_id The client's id as registered with the identity provider server CHANGE_ME