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ARLAS Exploration is an Open Source software for exploring and analyzing Geo BigData.

In other terms, it helps you navigate in a big amount of data provided it has a timestamp and it is georeferenced.

Explore your data

Once your data is mapped to ARLAS Exploration, more specifically to ARLAS-server, we offer a web interface that synthetizes it in a map, a timeline and several analytics views such as charts, progression bars, donuts, ... This interface is called ARLAS-wui.

The exploration is ensured by interacting with all these elements. The whole panel updates automatically each time you filter an analytic view and your analysis remains coherent.

For instance, here is how 4 days of boats navigation in the Dannish sea are explored in ARLAS-wui


Try it yourself in our live demos !

Need some adjustments ? Customize your analytics view !

Analytics are highly configurable in ARLAS-wui. Depending on your data, you can choose

  • what information to display : Boats speed variation in time, Ships types ...
  • how to display it : charts, powerbars, donuts, list, ...
  • the order of analytics


Additionally to the analytics view, ARLAS-wui has a lot of useful features

A Search bar, a Map layers switcher, a Bookmark to store your filters, a Share data service to display your geometries in other GIS clients and much more features are provided !

Get an insight into these different features of ARLAS-wui in our blogs

But before all of that, connect your data to ARLAS Exploration

ARLAS Exploration uses Elasticsearch as a search and aggregate engine. Your data sources don't need to be modified or reconsidered but only indexed in Elasticsearch

Check out this tutorial of how to index some data in Elasticsearch and reference it in ARLAS Exploration