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Configuring ARLAS WUI

ARLAS WUI configuration file

ARLAS WUI is configured with one JSON file that looks like :

figure 1 : Structure of ARLAS WUI configuration file (config.json)

The main aspects to be configured are :

  • How to access the ARLAS collection of interest:
    • arlas.server.url
    • arlas.server.collection
  • The Analytic board that contains several ARLAS Web components:
  • The components that are not in the Analytic board, such as: map, search bar, timeline, ...
    • arlas.web.components
  • The ARLAS contributors used for binding the ARLAS Web components (that are inside and outside the Analytic board) to the ARLAS collection data:
    • arlas.web.contributors

Referencing an external configuration file

ARLAS WUI configuration file can reference external configuration files to override some of its attributes using extraConfigs.
For example, the arlas.web.components.mapgl.input.mapLayers.layers is overriden by layers that is set in file.

Configuration validation

A set of JSON Schemas defines the format of the configuration structure. The main part is governed by arlasconfig.schema.json, which references the various contributor and component schemas.
A complete list of the schemas is available and provides sufficient explanations for creating a configuration from scratch. It is nevertheless possible to start from an existing configuration file.

Configure ARLAS WUI as a docker container

ARLAS WUI is packaged as a docker image gisaia/arlas-wui.
You can set multiple environment variables to customize your docker run :

Name Description From version
ARLAS_WUI_CONFIGURATION_URL Url to ARLAS-WUI configuration file 2.4.0
ARLAS_WUI_MAP_CONFIGURATION_URL Url to the MAP extra configuration file 3.0.0
ARLAS_WUI_ABOUT_URL Url to a markdown file that sums up what your ARLAS-WUI app is about 5.0.2
ARLAS_WUI_I18N_EN_URL Url to English file to translate ARLAS WUI labels and tooltips. Translatable keys here 7.4.1
ARLAS_WUI_I18N_FR_URL Url to French file to translate ARLAS WUI labels and tooltips. Translatable keys here 7.4.1
ARLAS_SERVER_URL Url to the ARLAS-server. It replaces ${ARLAS_SERVER_URL} if it set in arlas.server.url in config.json (figure 1) 10.0.0
ARLAS_MAP_STYLE URL to the map tiles style. It replaces ${ARLAS_MAP_STYLE} if it is set in config.json 10.0.0
HTTP_RESOURCES target1@url1,target2@url2. Comma separated target@url pattern. target is the file to replace inside the docker container. url is the url to the resource to store in target 10.0.0