ARLAS Persistence API Overview


Three types of storage are available in this server:

  • File system storage
  • All SQL SGBD compliant with hibernate, we use a non configurable unique table user_data in a dedicated configurable database. ARLAS Persistence WILL NOT CREATE the table for you, think to create table before running the server. WARNING if you want to use this storage, make sure you have the environment variable ARLAS_PERSISTENCE_ENGINE set to "hibernate" with the double quote.
  • Google Cloud Firestore : think to set GOOGLE_APPLICATION_CREDENTIALS as environement variable.

The ARLAS Persistence offers 3 APIs:

  • a management API for Data, meaning adding,deleting,updating an entry in storage.
  • an API for monitoring the server health and performances
  • endpoints for testing the write API and the status API with swagger


The monitoring API provides some information about the health and the performances of the ARLAS Persistence that can be of interest:

URL Description
http://.../admin/metrics?pretty=true Metrics about the performances of the ARLAS Persistence.
http://.../admin/ping Returns pong
http://.../admin/threads List of running threads
http://.../admin/healthcheck?pretty=true Whether the service is healthy or not


URL Description
http://.../arlas_persistence/swagger The web application for testing the API
http://.../arlas_persistence/swagger.yaml The swagger definition of the collections/exploration API with YAML format
http://.../arlas_persistence/swagger.json The swagger definition of the collections/exploration API with JSON format