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ARLAS Exploration - Introduction

The full documentation of the ARLAS Exploration Solution built by the Gisaïa Team.


ARLAS Exploration is a solution that offers a modern and fluid Web Interface for exploring your spatio-temporal BigData. The solution offers:

  • A set of highly interactive & reusable analytic components
  • A configurable web application that integrates all the analytic components within a single coherent view
  • A stateless and lightweight server offering REST services for data analytics

ARLAS Exploration relies on Elasticsearch : a search/aggregation engine.

ARLAS Exploration Stack structure

The ARLAS Exploration Stack

The stack is composed of a user web interface (ARLAS-WUI), a REST Server (ARLAS Server) and it uses a search/aggregation engine (Elasticsearch).


A third party API Management can be interposed between ARLAS-WUI and ARLAS Server for managing user authentication, authorization and partitionning.

You can use ARLAS Exploration as:

  • a web application for exploring your spatio-temporal BigData (ARLAS-WUI)
  • the building bricks for developping your own web application (ARLAS WUI Components)
  • a service for delivering data and analytics to your own applications (ARLAS Server)


The ARLAS Stack includes ARLAS-WUI and ARLAS Server while the ARLAS WUI Components are the building bricks of ARLAS-WUI.